Office Cleaning

No one likes to work in dirty environment, so hire Life Easy Services professionals to get your office cleaned properly on affordable prices. We take care of your office clean and your take care of your business progression and customers. We always recruit experienced and screened staff for your peace of mind as well as ours. Most of the products are used environment frinedly during the cleaning process. We understand that how improtant a cleaned workplace is for you to deal with customers that's why customer satisfaction is our priority. Some of the tasks included in office clean are dusting, vacuum, mopping, empty bins, wiping the surfaces, walls, windows, Kitchenette, toilets and bathrooms cleaning etc.

Offices or commerical properties can be messy easily because of customers traffic that's why office cleaning must be on the priorty basis. Like this clean environment can be provided to the clients and staff members of your company and minimise the deadly viruses to spead around from peron to person. Customers always like to deal with clean and enviroment friendly businesses otherwsie nobody would like to come to your door or even you can loose your expert staff members, which is backbone of your business.

If you are unsure about your service needs or would like to get a free quote then give us a call on 1300 451 351 or send us an enquiry online.

Regular Cleaning

Hire Life Easy Servcies cleaners to do office cleaning on daily, weekly or fortnightly basis. We will keep your workplace girms free and completely tidy so you can enjoy your day while working. For custom frequency service requirments please contact us directly.

One-Off Cleaning

If your are moving your businss to new place and have time shortage to clean your commercial property then it is the right time to contact Life Easy Services. Let us do all cleaning hardwork for you while you are busy in moving and settling down you business to the new premises.

Window Cleaning

Office windows get dirty very easy because of customers traffic. Just imagine if your office windows are full of dirt, prints and rain marks and there is lack of sunlight and visibillity problems from each side. Moreover, customers can't see what you are dealing with in your business. But don't worry, Our experts provide strick-less window cleaning services to the offices and comercial properties and help you to improve your buiness standads.

Kitchenette Cleaning

Kitchenette is used to have staff lunch meals which must be kept cleaned all the time. Bins must be emptied regularly all around the office to minimise the smell of rotton food. But most of the staff is always busy to serve the cumtomers. Let us do all this while you are busy with your clients and you just enjoy your meals in clean and tidy kitchenette.

Office Party Cleaning

When business grows more and more, office heads and staff members enjoy parties week in and week out but nobody likes to spoil the taste of party doing cleaning after celebrations. You don't need to worry about it at all, that's why we are here to clean the after party mess for you and you just sit back and relax with your family and fiends. We will clear out everything and get ready your business to serve the customers for next day.

Lavatory Cleaning

Toilets must be properly cleaned and germs free always. Uncleaned powder room or toilet can spread germs and cause the major heath risks. It is not just to swirl brush into toilet, proper cleaning steps must be followed to wipe it from outside as well. Always use good quality of antibacterial products to kill all kind of viruses. Life Easy Services smooth down your all hectic tasks once you hand over all this responsibility to us.